Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Ginny Brown-Waite Opposes Geithner

Congresswoman Ginny Brown-Waite urged Bill Nelson and Mel Martinez to vote against the confirmation of Timothy Geithner, as Treasury Secretary. Brown-Waite brings up Geithner's embarrassing $34,000 in back taxes owed.

"I have paid what I owed," Geither told the Senate Finance Committee.

I am less than impressed with Geithner. The questions about the back taxes are standard. I don't think Brown-Waite is a threat to Geithner's confirmation. Brown-Waite doesn't have a vote. Brown-Waite was against Bill Clinton's Hope, Arkansas home becoming a national landmark. The House vote passed 409-12. Brown-Waite called residents of Guam and Puerto Rico "foreign citizens." Brown-Waite is not taken seriously and with good reason.

Republican Pat Roberts publicly told Geithner he will be confirmed. I personally believe Obama would prefer former Treasury secretaries Robert Rubin or Lawrence Summers. Both have too much baggage for the confirmation process. We are left with a Rubin and Summers protégé. We are screwed, if Geithner isn't up to the task.

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