Monday, December 08, 2008

Music Goodies

Twilight Singers

Love/Annie Mae
A Love Supreme/Please Stay

This is two live tracks from the Twilight Singers first tour. Word is Greg Dulli's personal life was bottoming out. The performances are excellent. I do wonder how much coke Dulli did during the set.

Gina Vivinetto used to be the lead singer of Bullwinkle. She informed me that her old band was on Myspace. I was surprised by how well the music held up. Many early 90s Tampa indie bands recordings sounded bad back in the day. They only got worse. Even great local bands like Monday Morning had trouble in the studio. Next the the Grassy Knoll Gunmen tape and CD and Kacy Ross's experimental music, this is the best recording from the era.

Beware: Gina name-checks Sam Shepard in a song. I'm disappointed she didn't drop entire passages from The Tooth of Crime.

Recommended listening: Sonic Thing Or Two, Mess.

Tampa bands, drop me an email and a link to your Myspace site. If I like it, I will mention it in a post.

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