Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Gettin' Crazy With The Cheez Whizbang

I'm not a fan of award shows on TV. I don't watch the Grammys, The Oscars, The Tonys, The People's Choice, or whatever else is out there. While I may make a note of the winners, as a pop culture item, I don't necessarily consider the awards as valid indicators of quality.

When it comes to internet awards, I'm just as apathetic. That said, it is an honor to be nominated forThe Best Comic Strip by the likes of Jon Swift, The Culture Ghost, and Tas.Thanks fellas!

I didn't make the cut as a finalist, but from what I gather at the site, the slate of finalists is selected by a mysterious "team of volunteers" that helps out the Wizbang guy that runs the awards. "Explaining why many nominated blogs are not finalists is always the trickiest part of The Weblog Awards."

I haven't been to visit Wizbang for maybe a couple of years. I don't know what goes on over there now, but back in the days when Tas ran Loaded Mouth, the Wizbang crew were bunch of Kool-Aid drinkers. So pardon me if I don't get all excited about an internet award run by Wizbang.

Now, BlueGal's "Don't Sugarcoat It Award"... there's an award worth winning! Happy New Year!


At January 01, 2009 1:56 PM , Blogger tas said...

I remember boycotting the awards after Loaded Mouth got a nomination in 2005, something about how Kevin started using the awards as a platform to attack liberal blogs... I was never nominated again. Heh.

The awards started garnering some cross-partisanship acceptance since then, but I think this year's list of nominees is a joke. No Quarter for best political coverage? Really? Are you fucking kidding me? And The Confluence for best "liberal" blog.. Again, are you fucking kidding me? Did Kevin's judges even look at the blogs they nominated?

As for you, your cartoons are on 10 zillion and one blogs, you'd figure that would get you a nomination. Nope. But Dilbert gets a nomination.. Wasn't that a professional comic strip started in the early 90s? Why stop there -- give Garfield a nomination.


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