Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Crist Defends Sanson

Charlie Crist has repeatedly dismissed calls to investigate House Speaker Ray Sanson. This is the most blatant example.

After this morning's Cabinet meeting: Attorney General Bill McCollum said he has "no jurisdiction" to investigate ties between House Speaker Ray Sansom and developer Jay Odom. (McCollum's spokeswoman Sandi Copes later said he has limited scope to look into the issue if something like bribery was involved, but some other agency began the investigation.)

When asked whether he'd be willing to investigate, Gov. Charlie Crist said, "Who asked me to do that?"

"Karen Thurman," replied Tampa Tribune reporter Catherine Dolinski.

"Yeah, next question," Crist said.

Sanson could sink the entire Republican Party of Florida. Florida Republicans haven't learned the lessons of the Jack Abramoff conviction. The cover up is what destroys political parties.

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