Tuesday, December 09, 2008

Crist Defends Trip

Gov. Charlie Crist defends his European trip that cost the taxpayers $430,000.

"I think that I have a duty to do as much as I can to promote employment for my fellow Floridians," Crist told the Times/Herald. "And that's what a trade mission is designed to do, and I hope it does it."

$1,300 was for room-service. Another $320 was spent on portable electric fans. $8,000 for first class plane tickets. Crist's hotel suite cost a thrifty $2,179 per night. Florida Department of Law Enforcement Commissioner Gerald Bailey less than 12 hours work totals to $5,135. The trip was originally to cost $255,000. The business community covered $30,000 of Crist's expenses. Taxpayers are stuck with the rest of the bill.

How did a trip budgeted for $255,000 tally up to $460,000? Crist needs to answer that question.

Charlie Crist press release:

“These are historically challenging economic times our state is facing, but just like Florida’s families, we will continue to tighten our belts and live within our means. I am eager to work with Speaker Sansom, President Atwater and members of the Legislature to find solutions that best serve our people.”

Crist and Sansom are not in a position to discuss fiscal conservative policies.

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