Sunday, November 09, 2008

Why the Hispanic Vote Matters

Mel Martinez on Meet the Press.

Hispanics are going to be a more and more vibrant part of the electorate and our party better figure out a way to talk to them," Martinez said, asked about why Hispanics had flocked to Democrats last Tuesday. He cited some GOP'ers anti-immigration rhetoric as a turnoff for many Hispanic voters.

The GOP can't call themselves a big tent and pander to racists. It one or another. The Southern Strategy is dying. Obama changed race in American politics.

I disagree with Martinez on McCain.

He noted that "Sen. McCain did not deserve what he got, he valiently fought for immigration reform, but the (anti-immigration voices in our party, if they continue we're going to be relegated to minority status."

McCain publicly disown his own immigration reform bill. Hispanics are the largest growing voting group. It was a act of political stupidity and McCain was justly punished.

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