Monday, November 03, 2008

Vote For Carol Kurdell

The Florida Progressive Coalition unveiled their endorsements. It is a good list and Tampa area candidates Kathy Castor, Stephen Gorham and Kevin Beckner made the list. I will make it clear that I am not a fan of Gorham. Gorham ran for the Florida Senate. Gorham campaigned to the right of opponent Ronda Storms.

Gorham is currently running for a seat on the Hillsborough School Board. The conservative Tampa Tribune endorsed Gorham. The left-leaning St. Petersburg Times is supporting Gorham's opponent Carol Kurdell. School board races are nonpartisan. I am not going to back Gorham just because he is a Democrat. I'm quite disturbed that A Democrat ran against Storms, with a Republican agenda.

I check Gorham's issues page and his blog. Gorham attacks Kurdell, but refuses to offer his own solutions. One of his blog readers asked Gorham what he would do. Gorham never bothered to answer the comment. The commenter asked again and still no response. Kurdell outlines her vision on her web site.


Make classrooms more innovative and
creative for the 21st century.
Ensure that schools are spending a
majority of funds in the classroom.
Ensure highly qualified and well trained
teachers are in every classroom.
Raise the standards of our
children’s educational goals.


Supports higher teacher pay so we
can attract the best teachers.

Use new practices and policies, on top
of higher pay, to retain teachers.


Increase parents’ ability to send children
to the school of their choice.

Expand magnet, charter, and attractor programs.
More technology in the classrooms.

Gorham is the worse kind of politician. He is opportunistic and posesses horrible political instincts. Gorham ran as a Democratic for the 10th District. Gorham pandered to the conservatives in the district by running as a faux Republican. That didn't stop him from appearing at Drinking Liberally. The Storms campaign blasted Gorham for his hypocrisy. Gorham school board campaign is strongly negative. Gorham has also pandered to the netroots. (Gorham tried to friend me on Facebook.)

Vote for Carol Kurdell. Gorham is only running for the school board to further his political career. Kurdell has offered ideas and is more experienced. We need a board member whose main focus is students.

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At August 08, 2009 5:39 PM , Anonymous Anonymous said...

We should chat sometime--Stephen Gorham.


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