Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Who Is Stephen Gorham?

This Stephen Gorham ad is horrible. The Navy outfit is tacky and that strategy didn't work for John Kerry.

The ad states that Gorham is a fiscal conservative, pro-gun, pro-life, and against amnesty. You have to look really hard for the disclaimer that Gorham is a Democrat. Harry Truman said, "When voters are given a choice between voting for a Republican, or a Democrat who acts like a Republican, they'll vote for the Republican every time." Republicans won't vote for Gorham because he's a Republican. Democrats will cast him out faster than Joe Lieberman. I haven't backed Gorhan because I considered his campaign a joke. According to his website, his last press release was May 30, 2006. Either the campaign is so disorganized that they don't update the website or they haven't sent a press release since May. Which would also suggest disorganization.

I'm also interested on why such a stanch conservative would visit Drinking Liberally. I'm sensing that Gorham is willing market himself anyway possible to get votes. Candidates like that tend not to last long. Russ Feingold is a Democrat who constantly bucks both parties and won his Senate seat by 12 percent. Bush won Feingold's home state of wisconsin by 2 points. Feingold didn't win because of the Kerry factor. Voters feel confident that Feingold will stand up for his principles. Bush's people often market his inability to rethink problems (Iraq) as decisiveness. Voters want candidates to define themselves. Gorham running as a Republican on the Democratic ticket only confuses people. Love or hate Ronda Storms: you know where she stands.


At November 03, 2006 2:52 PM , Blogger Ben said...

Spoken like someone who knows nothing about Stephen Gorham.

I am Ben from Drinking Liberally Brandon. Stephen didn't come to Drinking Liberally because he is a liberal, he came to Drinking Liberally because he sees the value in talking to people of all politica ideals and with an understanding that if elected he will be required to serve people of all political schools of thought. Do you think the citizens of district 10 can expect this from Ronda Storms? I think not, look for evidence of this fact from how she has served in her post as County Commissioner.

Ronda was invited to come talk to us, but there were no replies to our calls.

Next time you try to "pigeon hole" an entire group of politically active intelligent voters, why don't you call/write/visit us for comment.

This post reaks of ignorance on the subject matter.

Drinking Liberally Brandon

At August 05, 2008 11:16 AM , Anonymous Anonymous said...

Since Mr. Gorham lists his wife's employment as a sixth-grade teacher, I am interested in whether she actually teaches in the public schools or in a private or charter school. Also, if she is teaching in the Hillsborough County Public Schools, why was that not mentioned?

At January 16, 2009 11:21 PM , Blogger Stephen said...

Just for the record my wife teaches in public school. 6th grade math to be exact.

Stephen Gorham

At November 28, 2009 10:48 AM , Anonymous Rich said...

I wish to find more info relating to S Gorham's assertion : Just for the record my wife teaches in public school. 6th grade math to be exact.
Which school? How many students in her class? How many achieve pass grade?

At February 03, 2011 8:14 AM , Anonymous Viagra Online said...

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