Sunday, November 23, 2008

Sunday, and the winner is: Martini Revolution

So, did anyone see that video of Palin being interviewed in front of some moron slaughtering Turkeys?  It's pretty damned awful.  What was she thinking?  Oh, I know, ... she wasn't.

Acephalous' students, channel, Shatner.   

Ya know, I got every pick Obama made for his cabinet correct.  And now I am right about this:  Infrastructure 

This year for the holiday gift giving extravaganza - there won't be one.  My brother lost his job last month.  My other brother just bought a cool house he can't afford.  My neice just bought a 5,000 SF house and found out she was pregnant - unexpectedly.  My nephew quit his job at IBM to go to law school at University of Houston and they are living off his wife's teaching salary.  My other niece just started a new job in sales and is on commissioned pay.  So, about the only one with money right now is me and my parents.  So, we usually do a gift exchange each year, but that is out.  So, we are going to give our selected person a favor, something we will do for them, a craft or artwork we do ourself, a poem - basically whatever invests the giver into that person being gifted.  Problem is I already bought my usual cool group gifts, which I do every year.  They are getting the carbon offsets anyway.  I bought the parents a group gift which is so cool I want one for myself.  All I really want is their company and some chocolate martinis.  Oh,yeah, the little ones still get gifts.

This is hilarious, (and a testimony of too many kids & parents today which is decidedly sad):  (bear with me here, and watch the whole thing)

Bush reflects?  I didn't know he was capable of such a thing.  I'm pretty sure I don;t believe it. 

This greed and administration absolutely are to blame for this mess we are in.  Absolutely to blame.

Obama himself has become a merchandisers heaven.  I know, I've bought my fifth Obama t-shirt from Rolling Stone, no less. (The one with red foil.)  I'm even getting one from Obama's campaign based on their last pre-election donation drive.  

Cool.  The Columbus Crew wins the 2008 MLS Cup

Go listen to this video of Shearwater (an Austin band I like).  It is beautiful.  I particularly like the third song.  

Check out Austin Cline's Mike Huckabee: The Smiling Happy Face of Theocratic Fascism over at Jesus' General.

Martini Revolution is a must read.  You won't believe it!  Hinderaker hard on for semi-literate Bush unabated

Straight White Guy Eric is a serial Christopher Lee fan as well as the movie, The Hounds of the Baskervilles  

What a great way to end Sunday.  I think I'll go have some dessert and see if I can find it on the tube.

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At November 28, 2008 7:51 AM , Anonymous Anonymous said...

... I hope you found it!.... it is a GREAT movie!....



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