Monday, November 10, 2008

Link Buttons

Zappadan is right around the corner. It's time for me to replace the old link button in my sidebar with a new one. The latest Blogger templates make it pretty easy to create the buttons in your sidebar without knowing the HTML, but of course not everyone uses Blogger. For folks who do use Blogger, you can still use this information to create link buttons in the body of a post.

First, start off with an image. I offer up this image free for anyone to use as a link button to The Aristocrats.


Next, resize your image to the size you want for your link button. I find 225 pixels wide works well for the sidebar in Blogger.


Here's the code, written as one continuous line


I use Photobucket for image hosting. I've used imageshack in the past. Whatever you use, just plug the web address of the image into the second set of quotation marks. The first set of quotation marks contains the address of the site you want to link to. So, if you click on the last image in this post, it should take you to The Aristocrats. Enjoy!


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