Thursday, January 31, 2008

Alex Sink vs Charlie Crist

It is no secret that the Florida budget is in a deficit. CFO Alex Sink blasts Charlie Crist for using the Workers’ Compensation Administration Trust Fund as an ATM machine.

"While I understand the current challenge to find resources in this year’s budget, I am concerned about the recommendation to sweep $129.5 million from the Workers’ Compensation Administration Trust Fund. Through efficient management and reform of the Workers’ Compensation system, our state has been able to reduce Workers’ Compensation Administrative Trust Fund assessments from 2.75 percent to 0.25 percent, which is a 91 percent reduction over an eight-year period. A trust fund sweep of this magnitude will require the state to raise Workers’ Compensation assessments—taxes—on Florida businesses as early as January 2009. I look forward to working with the Governor and the Legislature to prevent assessment increases on Florida’s business owners.

Crist will rob Peter to pay Paul, before he will raise taxes. Crist can't run for President in 2012 as a tax-raising Republican. Crist as pulled $1.1 billion from the state's reserves. Where does Crist plan on pulling money from next year? The housing market isn't about to improve soon.

I expect Crist to travel around Florida telling people that things are great. Florida is screwed if the economy gets worse. Crist does not have the political courage to make the hard choices needed.

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