Wednesday, January 30, 2008

:: She Keeps Bees ::

Often, on my way home from work, in the 9-ish hour, I listen to PRI's Fair Game with Faith Salie (who cracks me up) and who has excellent musical taste, in my opinion. Tonight was no exception, and particularly inspiring! She Keep Bees are hot little duo and Jessica Laribee has a honey of a voice. Check on their live performance tonight at the link above for Fair Game and then their website below for more tunes and videos. The first song sung on Fair Game is unrecorded and is it fantastic!
She Keeps Bees are Jessica Laribee and Andy LaPlant , two Brooklyn musicians who have drawn comparisons to Cat Power and PJ Harvey. They perform songs from their latest EP, "Shhhh."
Jessica Laribee and Andy LaPlant are She Keeps Bees, a duo from Brooklyn whose stark, minimalist blues songs have been frequently compared to those of PJ Harvey, Cat Power, and Patti Smith. They're here on Fair Game tonight to play some songs from their brand new EP, "Shhhh."
I like them so much I just bought both albums.



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