Monday, November 19, 2007

The Fissure Between Crist and Rubio

There have always been strains between Marco Rubio and Charle Crist. Rubio wrote a Miami Herald op-ed against the Governor's green policies. The House Speaker published another op-ed against the slot machine deal Crist is negotiating with the Seminoles. These op-eds were about Rubio increasing his profile and his ideological differences with Crist.

Rubio will have the Florida Supreme Court review if Crist can make a gambling agreement with the Seminoles without the Florida legislature's approval. There are valid arguments for legislative involvement in gambling compacts. What Rubio fails to mention if Crist doesn't cut a deal, the U.S. Department of the Interior would step in and Florida would lose an estmated $100 million in tax revenue. The Seminoles will get slot machines.

This has pushed the politically nonconfrontational Crist. Spokeswoman Erin Isaac issued a statement on the Governor's behave.

"We are reviewing the petition. The Governor is disappointed that the actions of the Speaker may delay additional dollars to education."

Chief of Staff George LeMieux came out gunning at Rubio.

"It's easy to be a critic," LeMieux said Monday, as he plopped a copy of Rubio's court petition on his desk. "It's disappointing because the governor is trying to show leadership, and it's not an easy situation ... We were put in a situation with the federal government where the governor felt like he didn't have a choice." LeMieux said Crist negotiated the best deal he could with the state, including a guarantee of at least $100-million a year in revenue to the state.

Rubio's anti-gambling stance makes no sense when Florida is facing a budget shortfall. The Speaker isn't about to propose tax increases and county budgets are hurting from the slumping housing market. The conservative base loves Rubio. Those are the people that put him into power and whom he ideologically agrees with. Ideology trumps common sense in Rubio's world.

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At November 20, 2007 4:09 PM , Blogger Vox Populi said...

the whole thing smells of charades ... since WHEN does a fed. govt. give a state a deadline do or die on an issue such as this? They're in a BIG HURRY.
Rubio and crist feel like they are working in tandem to press the issue faster.
They create a financial crisis and relying on gambling revenue to shore up same is pretty much a mistake.
I know it's going to happen, anyway ... just sharing my thoughts.
Mario is .... just pretty. Nothing else about him is appealing... certainly his 'innovative' (LOL) 100 ideas program was ... just weird. BUT, he got 'his way' with Crist notably screwing up plenty of stuff in favor of GOP.
The dark opie.
They're all working it together. The theatrics are for the benefit of those who are fooled by them.
Then they all go and smoke fat cigars and discuss being masters of the universe. Anyone can set up gambling. That's child's play. It takes real intellect to run a state/country the way it should be.
Lacking in FL and DC currently.

At November 20, 2007 4:31 PM , Blogger Michael Hussey said...

I don't think they are working together. I see Rubio challenging Crist in the next election.


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