Thursday, August 30, 2007

O'Reilly & Storms Have No Shame

This is sickening. Bill O'Reilly and Ronda Storms exploit the death of Sgt. Ronald Harrison. O'Reilly makes shameful false claims against Judge Manuel Lopez and Storms does nothing to refute them.

We've got him now. Keep him in. And not only does Judge Lopez, Senator, say I'm going to give him bail, he gives him some $150 bail. Come on. I mean, you know, fine — everybody makes mistakes, including judges, but this is a colossal mistake. Inexplicable mistake, is it not?

Judge Lopez originally revoked Michael Allen Phillips's bail. He was in jail for 4 months. The defense attorney successfully argued that the state had a weak case. Lopez set Phillips's bail at $30,000.

Harrison's murder was a horrible tragedy. I don't for a second think Storms or O'Reilly give a damn about it. Their public temper tantrums do not suggest that they are the Christians they profess to be. A rationale debate about how to keep dangerous criminals off the street is good. O'Reilly and Storms aren't interested in rationale discourse when they have to resort to making up facts. Storms wants national airtime and O'Reilly wants to give red meat to his viewership. That is all they care about.

O'Reilly and Storms should stick to fighting the imaginary war against Christmas.

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