Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Please Not Michael Chertoff

Word is Michael Chertoff is the leading candidate to replace Alberto Gonzales as Attorney General. It is easy to see why Bush would pick Chertoff. Here is a man who will not let things like the Constitution get in the way of pleasing his boss. Chertoff would provide the same problems that marked Gonzales's tenure.

Chertoff is also an incompetent manager. Shakes has a several quotes that shows how embarrassing the man is. His ineptitude in handling Katrina was all excuses and no accountability.

"I Was Very Disturbed to Learn Early Tuesday Morning That There Had Been a Substantial and Irreparable Breach"

"I Have Not Heard a Report of Thousands of People in the Convention Center Who Don't Have Food and Water"

"Well, I Said in July Before Katrina That We Had a Lot More Work to Do in Preparedness and I Think That Was Borne Out, Obviously, A Month Later"

"Essentially the Lake Was Going to Start to Drain into the City. I Think That Second Catastrophe Really Caught Everybody By Surprise"

"One of the Things I Said Was We're Racing the Clock. Unfortunately, the Hurricane Beat Us"

Finally, my favorite quote.

"Mike Brown Has Done Everything He Possibly Could to Coordinate the Federal Response to This Unprecedented Challenge. I Appreciate His Work, as Does Everybody Here"

There is this lie that Chertoff told on Meet the Press.

"Tuesday morning I opened newspapers and saw headlines that said New Orleans dodged a bullet."

There were never numerous newspaper headlines stating that New Orleans "dodged a bullet." What journalists should have asked Chertoff if he gets his disaster management information from the media.

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At August 30, 2007 10:53 AM , Anonymous Jim Johnson said...

There are coupole of cliches that come to mind here...

1. Better the devil you know...

2. Be careful what you wish for...

I'm not saying I agree or disagree here... just that sometimes there can be unintended consequences...

At September 01, 2007 2:51 PM , Blogger tas said...

Here is a man who will not let things like the Constitution get in the way of pleasing his boss.

Indeed, the only thing Chertoff won't let get in the way of him pleasing his boss is his teeth.

My favorite dispicible Chertoff moment comes right after Katrina hit, when he was being interviewed by an anchor on NPR. He denied that anything major was happening, including the thousands of New Orleans citizens stuck in the civic center. After the interview, the anchor went to an NPR reporter outside of the fucking civic center, who was seething with anger at Chertoff's absolute lies as he reported that people around him on the sidewalks were dying as he spoke.

Great going, Chertoff. Nice. Fucking. Going.

That man isn't even qualified to flip goddamn fucking burgers.


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