Thursday, June 07, 2007

Adios, Jack!

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Isn't life funny? I've been on an unplanned sabbatical from drawing/blog posting, and while I was gone taking care of other business, the daily visits and page views for Zencomix increased four, some times five hundred percent...I'm sure there's some yin/yang explanation for that mystery....meanwhile, my buddy Costello, the person that my Grill Rats character Tom is based on, above with the Red Sox hat SINGING, passed away from cancer last week. Here's Crazy Jack dressed up for Halloween as Solicit D. Hooker, the Illegitimate Albino Seventh Cousin of Bluesman John Lee Hooker

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Adios, Jack....say hello to your cousin John Lee for me... Zencomix salutes you!


At June 08, 2007 12:16 AM , Blogger Vox Populi said...

I'm sorry for your loss of your friend. Looks pretty cool. Awesome drawing looking just like him.


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