Thursday, May 24, 2007

Bush Statement on Accountability Laughable

George W. Bush was asked what he would do if there is proof that Alberto Gonzales unethically fired U.S. Attorneys.

"If there's wrongdoing, it will be taken care of," The President told the White House Press Corp.

Bush should be challenged on that statement. His credibility on holding his own official accountable is in tatters. The President was asked what he would do if any members of his administration leaked Valerie Plame's name to the media.

"If there's a leak out of my administration, I want to know who it is," said the President. "And if the person has violated law, the person will be taken care of."

Lewis Scotter Libby resigned and was convicted of perjury. Karl Rove leaked to Bob Novak. No administration official involved in the Plame investigation lost their security clearance. Bush has since refused to answer questions about the leakers.

Fool me once, shame on you. Fool me twice...

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At May 25, 2007 11:10 AM , Blogger Vox Populi said...

george?? keep his word??

He even talks like a thug.

Who else says 'be taken care of' ??

At May 28, 2007 11:18 PM , Blogger Sine.Qua.Non said...

Here's the thing, he said he would "take care of them" and that is what he is doing. Making sure they are a-okay and still able to do what Georgieboy needs. It certainly isn't what his statement implies. Cagey bastards.


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