Friday, May 18, 2007

Buddy Dyer Avoids Homeless Protest

Orlando Mayor Buddy Dyer attended a fundraiser at the Urban Think bookstore. Food Not Bombs protested outside. The City of Orlando has an ordinance that prohibits feeding large groups in public parks. The ordinance was designed to prevent homeless feedings. Pols aren't going to word ordinances saying homeless people can't be feed. That would legally be discriminatory.

WFTV a video story. Jackie Dowd has a post on the subject.

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At May 19, 2007 5:47 PM , Blogger Jacqueline Dowd said...

Ah, but we do have an e-mail sent on behalf of City Commissioner Patty Sheehan to members of the business community surrounding Lake Eola Park, strongly encouraging them to speak in support of the ordinance. “The intent of this ordinance is to try to move the large groups of homeless out of downtown,” the e-mail message said.

The public records law is a wonderful thing.

the 13th juror


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