Sunday, May 20, 2007

Arlen Specter On Alberto Gonzales

Arlen Spector is hinting Alberto Gonzales may resign before confidence vote.

In a television interview Sunday, Senator Arlen Specter said he expects a number of Republicans will join the Democrats in a "very substantial" vote against Gonzales, if the measure comes to the Senate floor.

Senator Arlen Specter, 17 May 2007
Specter says he thinks Gonzales will resign in preference to having such a mark on his record.

Specter spoke on Face the Nation on the no confidence vote.

Schieffer: "What leads you, Senator, to the conclusion that he will probably step down before such a vote is taken?"

Specter: "Because of the likelihood of a very substantial vote of no confidence, and I think that if and when he sees that coming that he would prefer to avoid that kind of an historical black mark."

Specter said Gonzales was no longer a credible Attorney General. He will still not vote against Gonzales.

"I think the actual termination is a personal one for the attorney general, and also for the president."

A true profile in courage.

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