Thursday, March 29, 2007

MC Rove

Someone explain to me how this isn't worse when Stephen Colbert played the White House Correspondents Association dinner? Bush embarrassed himself before by joking how he couldn't find weapons of mass destruction in the Oval Office. This angered the family of a fallen U.S. military serviceman. Ivan Medina. He served in Iraq and his twin brother was killed by a roadside bomb.

President Bush chose to, what he has done is just taken a bad situation and made it worse. He has lied about the weapons of mass destruction, and to cover up his tracks he is trying to make jokes about it. It's a disgrace to any soldier, and it's definitely a disgrace to any family member that lost a loved one out there, because he's making fun of something that he supposedly decided to go to war to, and he can't even back up now his own story, so now he's trying to make fun of it, saying oh, maybe it's the best way. And It's wrong.

Wayne Garcia remarks, "Saw the video on Today this morning; how embarrassing for David Gregory."

RJ Eskow is disheartened by Bush and Rove making fun of the White House's criminal activities.

The internet and blogosphere makes people pay more attention to the dinner. I remember even political junkies not giving a shit about the WCAD during the Clinton years. People certainly paid attention to what Clinton was doing. The Bushies have no tact. The only know how to sledgehammer opponents to death. It's hard for them for reptilians to be likable.

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