Thursday, January 25, 2007

Marco 'The Hammer' Rubio

It seems rather supicious that the two lawmakers who voted against the property insurance bill suddenly resigned from their leadership positions. Florida House Speaker Marco Rubio refused to confirm or deny if he made Don Brown (R-DeFuniak Springs) and Dennis Ross (R-Lakeland) step down.

"I stand by my statement,'' said Rubio, shortly after watching Crist sign the insurance bill into law. "I have nothing further to say on this issue."

Apparently, Rubio believes not giving a straight forward answer to a question counts as a statement.

Brown chaired the House Jobs & Entrepreneurship Council. Ross chaired the Safety & Security Council. Both were also on the Rules & Calendar Council. Which helps sets the House agenda.

I don't agree with Brown and Ross voting against the bill. Homeowners insurance is in need of serious reform. The bill was far from percent, but it was a start. What concerns me is Rubio running the House like Tom Delay. That is reason for concern.

Update: here is the official Rubio statement.

House Speaker Marco Rubio said in a written statement that he had accepted the resignations of Rep. Don Brown of DeFuniak Springs and Rep. Dennis Ross of Lakeland as chairmen of two House councils. ''I respect their decisions and look forward to working with them in their new roles,'' Rubio said.

Ross contradicts the press release.

Ross said Rubio called him into his office in the afternoon and asked for his resignation. Ross said Rubio told him that "he needs leaders that are with him on major votes."

"My vote cost me my chairmanship. That's the price you pay if you want to express yourself," Ross said, though he added that he did not hold hard feelings toward the speaker.

The fact that Rubio will not answer any more questions on the subject says much.

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