Friday, October 20, 2006

Softball With Bob Hite

Bob Hite, of WFLA, has a chance to interview Dick Cheney and throws softballs.

The Washington Post took the Secret Service to count over the records of who has had access to the Vice President's office. Hite doesn't even even bother going into the details for his audience. Hite asks, "What's that all about." Cheney goes into his spiel about "some news organization" wanting records that don't belong to the Secret Service.

Hite: I see. You believe this is some fishing expedition of some kind, do you suspect?

Cheney: I believe it is.

Hite: I see.

It gets worse.

Hite: The old saying is "it's the economy stupid." Not too many Americans seem to be too concerned about the economy these days and they're kind of concentrating more on rather important issues such as the war and what have you. The one thing Republicans seem to have going for them is a booming economy. Is it frustrating to you that the focus doesn't seem to be on that at all?

Apparently, Hite hasn't seen the President's horrible approval ratings on the economy. There is also the deficit and shrinking middle class. But hey great economy. Hite then tells Cheney that the White House doesn't seen to be getting "credit in the media."

The interview moves on to Iraq. Hite then grows a spine. Hite notes that the violence has increased in Baghdad with the increase of troops. Cheney goes into the talking points about elections and not cutting and running. Hite then tells Cheney that he heard that most troops are "behind the wire." Cheney goes back to talking about the Iraqi elections and drops Al Qaeda. No man has pumped the Iraq equals Al Qaeda meme so badly.

Hite asks what Cheney plans to do about Social Security. The Vice-President mentions 2005 townhall meetings. (Wow!) Cheney does not mention the words private accounts.


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