Thursday, August 31, 2006

Tampa Gold: Candidate Valhalla

Let's play the trivia game Jeopardy.

Answer: Candidates who have no chance of winning.

Question: What politicians did interviews with Tampa Gold?

The Scott Farrell interview, with the phone ringing in the background, has a Rod Smith helicopter vibe to it. The Brian Becker video leaves you wondering why he is not facing the camera while talking. Who exactly is he facing? Becker speaking skills makes Joe Lieberman sound like Bill Clinton. I dare people to listen his nearly five minutes of droning. If you don't know who Becker is you don't need to. He's a Green Party candidate. He received a 52 cent donation from PayPal. That is the lowest contribution I've seen a candidate receive this cycle.

Bart Birdsall actually can speak, but why is he running for the school board on a pro-yoga platform? Birdsall is openly gay. Which means voters will be too scared to put him on the school board. Thank you, Ronda Storms.

Willis K.C. Bowick is a black Republican running for the Florida House of Representatives. He says he has passion. He looks like he needs a nap. Bowick has a campaign website with his stance on the issue that doesn't give his stance on the issues.

Dorothy Admire comes off as a polished speaker. She has no campaign website and has raised zero dollars.

Last is the candidate with no chance in hell of winning. Yes, people. I'm talking about Joe Redner. Redner's Division of Election finance reports states he has not received a single donation. Not that he needs the money to run his campaign. Redner has the money to buy TV ads. Why doesn't he if he's serious? He could even use the chair-throwing incident in the commercial.


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