Friday, July 28, 2006

Class-Size Does Matter

The St. Petersburg Times has a great article of how high schools in the Inverness area are facing record-breaking enrollment. Which makes Jeb Bush's efforts to scale back the class-size amendment all the more maddening. Bush is more brighter than his brothers George and Neil. Does Jeb realize how wrong he was on class-size. If he does then why go to such great lengths to repell the amendment? Now that's a scary question.

This goes beyond ideology. If anyone doubts that Bush will someday run for president need look no further than his education policies. Florida's K-12 program continues to be a national joke. It's also no coincidence that the Religious Right loves it. Jeb supports vouchers (which wouldn't solve overcrowding) and denounce evolution as a "theory" that he does not accept. His signing of Terri's Law was more red meat to Christian conservatives.

Both Terri's Law and class-size have been losers for Jeb. This is a matter of politics deciding the policy. Not the other way around.


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