Tuesday, May 16, 2006

Dude, Where's My Campaign Money

Nancy Detert is a Republican running for the Congressional seat currently held by Katherine Harris. Her campaign treasurer, Randy Maddox, wired $94,000 into another account. The problem was it was Maddox's personal account. Maddox proceeded to withdraw $91,000 and hop a plane to Buenos Aires.

Maddox's family convinced him to come back to America and return the money. Maddox "lost" $27,000 while in Argentina. The FEC ruled that Maddox's parent could make up the difference.

Detert did not know Maddox was bipolar when she made him her treasurer. Maddox has been admitted to the Manatee Glens Hospital and Crisis Center. No news on if he is still a patient. No charges have been filed.


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