Tuesday, April 18, 2006

Unsafe Sex Education

The Department of Health & Human Services has released their requirements for receiving funding to teach abstinence-only sex education. The curriculum must teach that there is no sexual activity "of genital contact or sexual stimulation between two persons including, but not limited to, sexual intercourse." DHHS is ruling out foreplay.

Teachers must also emphasize that any form of premarital sex or foreplay may lead to "depression and suicide" from "relationship failure, especially if sexual intimacy was experienced before marriage."

A choice section is this.

Abstinence education curriculum must teach young people how to reject sexual advances and how alcohol and drug use increase vulnerability to sexual advances.

Just say no.

DHHS defines marriage as "one man and one woman." All gay and lebians are just going to have to abstain from sex or wait until the end of days.

Is there anything normal or healthy about a 30 year-old adult who abstains from sex? Only if you want a child to grow into aStar Trek convention veteran and believe that Kevin Smith is a brilliant filmmaker. Tenns need to learn how to handle relationships and sex. That is part of the maturing experience. That's why teens need to have interaction with the opposite sex. No bogus sex-ed program is going to stop that.

Unwanted pregnancies and STDs are serious issues. Too bad DHHS don't treat the issue with that respect. The abstinence-only education programs were designed to keep the Christian fundamentalist base happy. The same people who scream outrage over Tinky Winky, but were silent about Jeff Gannon and Jimmy Swaggart. "Doctor" Bill Frist refused to state if AIDS can be transmitting through tears or sweat.

Stephanopoulos: You’re a doctor. Do you think tears and sweat can transmit HIV”
Frist: I don’t know…I can tell you..
Stephanopoulos: You don’t know?
Frist: I can tell you things like, like..condoms..
Stephanopoulos: … You believe that tears and sweat might be able to transmit aids?

The tears are for the teens that are being programmed to be ignorant.


At April 18, 2006 6:42 PM , Blogger Addison said...

OMG, these must be the people who wrote the script for "40 year old virgin."

At April 18, 2006 7:37 PM , Anonymous Michael Hussey said...

I'm wondering if our Sec of State has practiced the abstinince-only policy. Condi has never been married.


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