Wednesday, April 12, 2006

County Mayor Petition

Tommy Duncan notes that I don't support Mary Ann Stiles' county Mayor proposal. She hasn't said anything to sell me on the idea. If she does then I'll change my mind.

A major reason for for Stiles pushing this is her run-ins with the County Commission as a lobbyist. Stiles was a lobbyist for Hillsborough Area Regional Transit Authority. The Commission shunned her and created a group to study Hartline. The personal back story is worth noting.

Stiles petition was originally written without term limits for county mayor. The petition had to be revised.

I believe a county mayor would be voted in if it makes the ballot. I'm wondering what executive powers the Mayor will have. Another question is how the Commission's role will change. This is wonkish stuff. But it matters. The Mayor will be the cammander-in-chief of Tampa.


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