Wednesday, April 19, 2006

Hammered Again

NRA lobbyist Marion Hammer continues to strike out in Florida.

Two Pinellas senators objected Tuesday to a bill that would require all outlets that sell fishing and hunting licenses to offer customers voter registration cards. The bill, a priority of the National Rifle Association, will be debated today by the full House, where passage is expected. The Senate Ethics and Elections Committee put off a vote on the bill after the Pinellas objections, and after a spokesman for election supervisors said the bill wasn't needed.

I don't have a problem with game and fishing businesses providing voter registration cards. Hammer believes that she will add more NRA members by doing this. That maybe true. The bill is running into resistance from State Senators Dennis Jones (R-Treasure Island) and Nan Rich (D-Weston).

Hammer pushed too hard in the past. She wanted citizens to be allowed to bring firearms onto private businesses. That not going to happen with the business lobby and private property rights.


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