Friday, February 17, 2006

Tampa Police Department Sexual Harassment

There is a thirteen page report on why Officer Martha Gearity transferred out of a TPD anti-crime street unit.

The behavior according to the investigation includes constant flagellation, belching and excessive sexual joking by male officers. It says quote "officer Gearity said that they talked about anal sex, they watched pornographic movies at work, talked about their sex lives in the open, made reference to her menstruation, joked about having homosexual relations with one another in graphic detail and took pictures of a penis with a camera phone."

Those involved include Officer Gregory Cotner, Officer David Duncan, Officer Ryan Sigler, and their superiors Corporal David Watt and Sergeant Gene Strickland.

Laura McElroy, Tampa Police Department said, "We immediately disbanded the members of this squad and then launched our own investigation and then we learned about the sexually charged and offensive environment of the squad." The St. Petersburg Times reports that the investigation proved the allegation to be true.

Here is an example of how stupid these officers were.

They "consistently" passed gas, burped and made sexual jokes, frequently over the police radio system. Officer Peter Charbonneau said it sometimes prevented other officers from speaking to each other, and he worried for officer safety "because of all the fooling around."

The three officers frequently talked about their sex lives and joked about having homosexual relations with each other.

In front of employees at a Race Trac on 50th Street, the officers likened Gearity's bowel movements to an atom bomb. They nicknamed her "Hiroshima." On one occasion, they laughed at her as she went to the restroom and asked her if she was menstruating.

I also wonder about guys who make homophobic to each other and then share a picture of a penis. These are sexually confused boys.

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