Saturday, December 11, 2010

Why Bernie Sanders Position Is Smart Policy and Politics

Sen. Bernie Sanders tapped into something very special with his near-filibuster. The Senate server temporarily shut down. Obama's neoliberal tendencies and political team's decision that a tax cut deal would play well with independent voters in 2012. Sander's stirring floor speeches is proof that populism sell politically.

The Obama team is made the tax cut deal strictly for their 2012 re-election chances. As the bizarre Bill Clinton press conference illustrates this White House is disorganized. Obama's lame excuse that he couldn't talk about tax policy with President Clinton and the media was disaster. It made Obama appear as if he doesn't care and needs a former president to do his heavy lifting. I think there is truth to the latter. Another example of disorganization is Obama not consulting with leaders of the Democratic caucuses before making the tax cut deal. This was amazingly stupid Obama only has himself to blame for his caucuses being angry at him.

Obama's complaints that Congress should have handled this and progressives should be on his side. Whether you agree with his grievances, it appears that Obama expect other people to follow lockstep with him. At the end of the day Obama is the leader of the Democratic Party.

People have compared Obama to Bush I. The comparison I will make is George H.W. Bush was hated by the Republican establishment, the base, had a slumping economy and went back on a tax pledge. Bush lost his re-election bid.

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At December 12, 2010 10:46 AM , Anonymous Anonymous said...

Senator Bernie Sander's speech is a call to action and determination, we must take back our country from the greedopaths, they are sick unto madness, destroying the greatest democracy of history, the principles of our revolution and constitution and principles. We will have no democracy left in two years or less, lose what little we have left.

They have abandoned our country. The drive to pass ownership of the economy completely into the hands of a few must be reversed, democracy must be made once again the center of our nation.

The corruption of our government is nearly complete.

We must heed the 8 and 1/2 hours of truth, spoken for the first time in decades in our Senate.

Senator Sanders said we can have our country back if we stand and demand it. We can have democracy, we can save America.

The crisis is too deep for hope, too deep for doing what we have done before, too deep for what we planned to do today. Today we must begin to act, to change how we relate to each other and our democracy.

This is crisis, America rises to the need of a nation, stands for defense of our democracy, this is who we are.

Discuss the 8 1/2 hours of truth with your neighbors, your city councilors, your trusted friends. Decide on action, get ready to defend democracy.


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