Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Charlie Crist: the Undecider on Sonia Sotomayor and Gay Adoption

Charlie Crist was asked about his opposition to Sonia Sotomayor and his position on gay adoption. Crist cited the Second Amendment as his reason for his opposition to Sotomayor. Crist ducked the gay adoption question. The video doesn't show Crist's statement. The Governor said on gay adoption: "I'd have to think about it." LGBT blogger Pam Spaulding responded forcefully.

That's kind of you, Charlie, to give up a few firing off of the synapses in your brain regarding the issue for the homos. How about doing it for the children who are languishing without enough loving homes to be placed in because of homophobia.

My prediction is Crist will soon come out (again) against gay adoption. Crist refused to offer an opinion on Sotomayor. He was attacked for his undecisiveness by opponents Marco Rubio and Kendrick Meek. Crist responded to the pressure by announcing his opposition to Sotomayor.

“While I have not had the opportunity to meet personally with Judge Sotomayor—a crucial step in the selection process—I have reviewed and reflected upon her testimony before the Senate Judiciary Committee, and come to the conclusion that I cannot support her appointment to the United States Supreme Court. Judge Sotomayor is worthy of respect for her many accomplishments and her remarkable story of success. However, I have strong concerns that Judge Sotomayor would not strictly and objectively construe the constitution and lacks respect for the fundamental right to keep and bear arms. For these reasons, I cannot support her appointment to the highest court in the land.”

Crist's campaign activity is attending fundraisers. The Governor has made no attempts to meet with constituents. That will change in 2010. Right now Crist is a fundraising machine and a political blank slate. Crist is a political shape shifter. Crist will become a Christian Right candidate one moment and a moderate reformer the next. No one really knows what Crist stands for and that is the problem.

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