Tuesday, April 07, 2009


Vermont is official the fourth state to make gay marriage legal. The Vermont legislature overrode Republican Governor Jim Douglas' veto. The Vermont House of Representatives voted 100-49 in favor of legalizing gay marriage. The State Senate voted 23-5.

Democrats will finally grow a pair, as gay marriage becomes politically more mainstream Democrats will finally grow a pair.

The outcome in the House of Representatives, 100 to 49, was not clear until the final moments of a long roll call, when Rep. Jeff Young, a Democrat who voted against the bill last week, reversed his position. After the final tally, cheers erupted in both legislative chambers of the State House and in the hallways outside, and several lawmakers on both sides of the debate looked stunned.

Conservative reaction has been either silence or anger.

Silence: Conservative blogger Glenn Reynolds has repeatly stated he supports gay marriage. Gay blogger Andrew Sullivan has accused Reynolds of catering to his conservative readership. Reynolds has not blogged one post about the Vermont story on this slow news day. Since the story broke Reynolds has posted about a driveable airplane and a photo taken by Michael Yon. Stop the presses!

Anger: Pam Spaulding has documented the Freeper response to Vermont making gay marriage legal. This was written by the charming Manc:

for the record to you homo's I ma not old nor am I religious, I just think you are mentally perverted and sick and guess what so does most folk so stop trying to say it is only religious types against you

Another post by Manc:

notice now one state has voted FOR homo’s to be married.

that is because the majority of folk do not think it is normal for a man to poke another man up the arse or a woman wear a strap on pretending to be a woman.

not normal and not natural, so for those homo’s reading this.

you are certainly not accepted nor are you normal, you can pretend you are married but you are far from the truth.

If what you do is your business then stop the freak parades, stop telling us that you like to poke men up the arse or wear a strap on, stop telling us how you have special rights when you clearly do not according to the constitution

A woman needs a strap-on penis to pretend she is woman? That is insane logic.

This question by Kabumpo answers itself.

Vermont....what happened to the farmers and generations of poor rural people? Are they ultra liberal now? I don’t get it

Yep. People getting fucked over for generations by trickle down economics became more progressive. These Vermont residents are less obsessed with gay marriage and conservative message boards. (Thank God.) They want to get out of poverty. The GOP hasn't done anything to help them. I get it. Kabumpo doesn't and never will.

Update: The gay bashing Michelle Malkin has no posts on the Vermont story.

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