Tuesday, April 07, 2009

Saggy Pants Bill Back

Via Alex Pickett: Let it be known repeated Florida State Senator (and noted fence jumper) Gary Siplin has reintroduced the baggy pants bill.

An act relating to the indecent wearing of below-waist underwear; prohibiting a student from exposing below waist underwear in a specified manner while on the grounds of a public school; providing penalties; providing an effective date.

Siplin sponsored a similar bill last year. That bill never made it to the floor. In 2007, the baggy pants bill died Committee on Education Pre-K - 12. The moral of the story if first you failed once, you will be granted plenty of other opportunities to fail again. Siplin is an opportunist of extreme proportions.

Here is a video of Siplin pulling a Clay Davis on a reporter.

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