Monday, November 17, 2014

Black Conservatives Amaze Me

The Tea Party Nation never fails to offend. CAP BLACK THE HOOD CONSERVATIVE (his big caps) says the rape accusations against Bill Cosby is a white liberal conspiracy.

I have to wonder if these rape allegations are White liberals last ditch attempt to undermine a famous Black man whose platform threatens precious caseloads inside their inner city client state? More family unity & less criminality is bad for social service rackets they run. White liberals are all for free speech, so long as it echoes their talking points- especially from us! Negroes are not allowed to differ with them without dire consequences.

The oldest trick racists use is depicting Black men as over-sexed animals. Toss in color taboo ( these accusers are White ), bring to a boil and there rises a smoke screen designed to cloud the target's merit. When White liberals couldn't de-rail US Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas nomination, out came ridiculous, racist allegations of sexual mis-conduct. This " high tech lynching " echoes in the background while considering this matter.

How about CAP BLACK THE HOOD CONSERVATIVE get some facts before he goes off in conspiracy theory land. CAP BLACK THE HOOD CONSERVATIVE is a black conservative who doesn't seem to have much love for the black community. CAP BLACK THE HOOD CONSERVATIVE asks the black community if they would shoot Michael Brown.

While the Darren Wilson grand jury clock is ticking; against the back drop of rampant aggression toward each other, my question to Black " hands up, don't shoot " marchers and rioters remains, " Would you shoot Michael Brown?," or would they have me believe they'd turn the other cheek in a manner inconsistent with a well-documented attitude to the contrary.

I shouldn't be surprised but the self-loathing of black conservatives continues to amaze me.

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