Monday, July 14, 2014

Rick Scott Stays On Talking Points

Gov. Rick Scott was asked four times by members of the Florida media about why on-duty Florida law enforcement officers were standing behind Scott during a campaign event. It is against the law for police officers to engage in political activity while on-duty. Here is the transcript of the questions the media asked Scott.

1. "Did you really think that all of those deputies were off duty?"

2. "Did you think it was a problem to have on-duty law enforcement there?"

3. "You didn’t answer that question. Should there be discipline?"

4. "Do you think it’s okay for them to be there on-duty?"

Scott gives the media a smile that he thinks is charming but actually makes him look more scary. Scott looks like the scariest Jack In the Box head ever created. Floridians, this is your Governor trying to look sexy.

"Bond. James Bond."

Scott stays on his talking points about how much he loves law enforcement. Scott never once answers the question about why on-duty law enforcement were used as campaign props. Disappointing but not surprising.

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