Friday, June 13, 2014

Write A Caption: Pat Boone

Ladies, you are welcome for me posting this Pat Boone eye candy photo.

In other Pat Boone news: the singer writes about his bad dreams on World Net Daily. Hilarity ensues.

I dreamed that a spell was cast over the whole United States, affecting almost all of its people, especially those of voting age.

A secretive cabal of Communist manipulators, trained in the malevolent disciplines and Machiavellian methods of Saul Alinsky, had taken an interest in a young black/white college student, originally schooled in Indonesia, who’d sought out Marxist professors (as he revealed later in his own autobiographical book) at Occidental College.

In this young Marxist they felt they had a potential candidate for high elective office, first at the state and then possibly on the national level. He had a good mind, was glib and articulate and, according to a fellow Marxist at Occidental, was surprisingly angry. He was ready to foment a total overthrow of what he called “the colonial oppressor of Third World countries”!

This cabal had lots of money, so they got the young man admitted to Columbia and then Harvard, where he somehow was maneuvered briefly into the president’s chair at the Harvard Law Review. He never wrote anything of record (except calling the Constitution “a flawed document”) or distinguished himself in any way, but it looked good on a future resume.

Boone goes on in his nightmarish rant about how President Barack Obama doesn't have a legitimate birth certificate. I'm sure Boone did hours of research on the internet by reading other World Net Daily articles on how President Obama is not an American ccitizens.

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