Thursday, June 05, 2014

Rick Scott Cancels the Jim Batmasian Fundraiser

Jim Batmasian was a Boca Raton real estate real estate developer. In 2008, Batmasian pleaded guilty to failing to pay $253,513 in federal payroll taxes. Batmasian did eight months at a South Carolina federal prison. One would think politician would want to steer clear of someone with Batmasian's criminal history. One would be wrong.

In 2012, Batsmasian attended a fundraiser for Mitt Romney's presidential campaign. David Corn reported that this was the same fundraiser where Romney made his infamous "47 percent" remarks. Corn broke the story on the "47 percent" comments that haunted Romney throughout the rest of the presidential campaign. Romney having a convicted tax evader like Batmasian at the fundraiser did not help matters.

Apparent Gov. Rick Scott did not learn from Romney's mistake. Scott allowed Batmasian to host a fundraiser on his behave. Below is the invitation.

Scott cancelled the fundraiser after repeated attacks from the Florida Democratic Party.

“Two famous Florida fraudsters will link arms to collect campaign cash,” said Democratic Party spokesman Joshua Karp, adding that Batmasian, “unlike Rick Scott, couldn’t dodge a felony and served time federal prison.”

I continue to be amazed by how politically tone deaf Scott is. Did he really think no one was going to notice Batmasian hosting a fundraiser for him? Scott is incredibly out of touch with how other people think.

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