Wednesday, March 05, 2014

Will Weatherford's Won't Move on Medicaid

Like Paul Ryan, Will Weatherford is a Ayn Rand devotee. Weatherford has been against Medicaid expansion in Florida. Miami Herald columnist Fabiola Santiago pointed out the hypocrisy in Weatherford's stance. Weatherford's father said that the family took Medicaid money for a family medical crisis.

According to his father, the family accepted more than $100,000 in Medicaid dollars to pay the bills of Weatherford’s cancer-stricken 13-month-old brother, who died in 1995. Weatherford has said he was too young to remember how the finances were handled, yet he remembers enough to cast doubt on his father’s recollection, and avoid judgment on his position. But he’s catering to the point of view of wealthy supporters and the powerful father-in-law who put him in office, Tallahassee royalty.

Weatherford has refused to consider having Florida accept $51.3 billion in Medicaid funds. Weatherford has vowed that no bill for increased Medicaid dollars will pass through the Florida House of Representatives. There are currently 3.3 million uninsured in Florida.

Rene Garcia, R-Miami, and Rep. Amanda Murphy, D-New Port Richey have filed bills in the House and the Senate for Medicaid expansion. Murphy will need to convince Rep. Richard Corcoran, the chair of two health committees.

"I'll have a conversation with anyone, anytime, any place about public policy," Corcoran, R-Trinity, said today. But he would not commit to allowing Murphy's proposal to be heard in his committees.

Republicans have campaigned against Obamacare. They fear getting ripped by the tea party if they vote for Medicaid expansion. Far right conservative polotics is getting in the way of good policy. Floridians are still getting taxed for Medicaid. Regardless of whether or not they receive the benefits.

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