Wednesday, December 04, 2013

Shocking News: the Third Way Loves Corporations

This image is floating around Twitter. If you check the board of trustees page for the Third Way you will find many trustees with ties to corporate America. The Third Way is ground zero for American neoliberalism.

The Progressive Change Campaign Committee has an online petition to make the Third Way reveal its donors.

On Monday, corporate-funded think tank Third Way attacked Elizabeth Warren in Rupert Murdoch's Wall Street Journal -- saying her bold economic populism is "dangerous for Democratic Party." Wrong!

Polls show Warren's ideas are popular in red, purple, and blue states. That's why Wall Street fears her.

Sign the petition to Third Way: Third Way should publicly reveal its Wall Street donors so everyone knows why they are attacking Elizabeth Warren. Third Way should also stop attacking popular progressive ideas like expanding Social Security.

Sen. Warren has publicly advocated for think tanks to publicly released their donor list. The Third Way has no interest in revealing how many donors they have from the financial sector.

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