Saturday, October 12, 2013

The Kim Kardashian of Florida Politics

Who the hell constantly talks to the media about maybe running for public office? Maybe running for public office is not a news story. Alex Sink spent over a year constantly telling the media she might run for governor. Never mind she already lost once to Rick Scott and would be Scott's best chance of winning a second term. Alex Sink tells William March of the Tampa Tribune that maybe she will run for the House seat of the retiring Bil Young.

“After making my decision in the governor’s race I’ve been sitting here for two weeks listening to all this ridiculousness in Washington, and thinking maybe we need some new people there, a different approach. I’ll need to make a decision fairly soon, but I am seriously considering it.”

Sink is not running. She craves attention. Potential candidates stay mum until they have an announcement to make. Sink led Florida Democrats on for over a year and never attempted to build a political operation that could unseat Rick Scott's $100 million campaign in 2014. A person serious about running for governor would of had face to face meetings with the DNC and the Obama political team. Sink throws a well placed leak to Saint Petersblog and the Florida political media treats this like it is news. It's not news. It is media whoring.

To give you an idea of how desperately Sink craves atention; she told the Tampa Bay Times people are literally crying at the thought she might not run for governor again.

"I don't go anywhere without strangers walking up to me on the street and asking me, and sometimes begging me and sometimes crying about their desire to see me run again."

Sink's ego craves the spotlight more than the job.

For the sake of argument, do you think Alex Sink Sink is going to raise Elizabeth Warren or Alan Grayson levels of money online. How much effort is Daily Kos or Firedoglake going to make for a Blue Dog Democrat who backed the Bush tax cuts, refused to support a public health insurance option and publicly bashed Muslims.

How much money will the DCCC spend on a Sink campaign after she took to Politico to blame President Obama for her 2010 loss. Never mind that her campaign was so bad MSNBC named her the worst candidate of 2010.

Sink isn't running. She just wants Florida Democratic insiders and the media to keep asking her if she is running. Alex Sink is the Kim Kardashian of Florida politics.



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