Wednesday, October 09, 2013

Profile in Courage: Rick Scott Edition

Miami Herald political reporter Mary Ellen Klas attempted to get Gov. Rick Scott to give a yes or no answer on if he supports the Congressional Republicans federal government shutdown strategy. Anyone who has followed Scott's career knows he would rather have Laurence Olivier's character in The Marathon Man pull his teeth out than take a position.

“What I agree with is the fact that the buck stops with the president,'' Scott told reporters at a media availability this moring. "It's disappointing he doesn’t know how to compromise and negotiate. I’ve done it for three sessions."

Actually, that doesn't pass the laugh test. Scott's communication with the Florida legislature is nearly nonexistent because of his paranoia of Florida's sunshine law. In fact, the last legislative session was a disaster for Scott.

"If this were Jeb Bush, he'd be on the phone constantly," said Rep. Mike Fasano, R-New Port Richey, a supporter of Medicaid expansion, recalling the former governor's take-no-prisoners style in dealing with lawmakers. "The problem is, they're not afraid of this governor."

Florida House Speaker Will Weatherford said Scott never spoke to him about Medicaid expansion. Scott barely raised a whisper for teacher merit pay. Exactly how does Scott think he is a master negotiator?

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