Thursday, July 18, 2013

Sit-In At Gov. Rick Scott's Office

State Rep. Alan Williams, black community leaders, students and Dream Defenders are involved in a sit-in staged at Gov. Rick Scott's office. The reason for the protest is Florida's Stand Your Ground law.

Dream Defenders have posted photos of the sit-in on their Facebook page. Unsurprisingly, Gov. Rick Scott has been MIA since the sit-in has started.

Scott’s absence also is drawing heat.

“Come home, Governor,” Williams said Thursday at a news conference at a church just a few blocks from the Capitol. “Come home to speak to these citizens.”

The Stand Your Ground issue is not going to away for Scott. Senate Democratic Leader Chris Smith and Florida House Democratic Leader Perry Thurston have launched a social media campaign to open debate on Stand Your Ground.

“Why do they fear this debate?” Smith asked. “We have a clear case that shows Stand Your Ground has very troubling problems, and those problems are central to the well being of Floridians. These changes do not affect a person’s right to self defense. But they stop the ability to hide behind self defense when you bring yourself to a fight.”

The answer is the Republican Party is terrified of the NRA. How scared? People can bring concealed weapons into the capital. Security is not allowed to ask a person if he is carrying a concealed weapon. Longtime NRA lobbyist Marion Hammer successfully pushed that bill. Republicans fear the NRA so much that they are willing to endanger themselves.

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