Thursday, June 27, 2013

Why the Media Should Not Ask St. Pete Mayoral Candidates About Goliath Davis

Peter Schorsch has taken to his blog, Facebook and Twitter to shout from the rooftops his displeasure at St. Petersburg maoral candidate Kathleen Ford not appearing at the Suncoast Tiger Bay Club debate. The Bay Buzz has picked up on Schorsch's public displeasure. It is always better when candidates appear to debate. However, when they have to field loaded questions like this then there is a good reason for them not to appear.

No, Tiger Bay is where Ford would likely be asked insightful questions, such as whether she agreed with Mayor Foster’s decision to fire her newfound ally, Goliath Davis, for not attending the funerals of murdered St. Petersburg Police officers.

You ask would Ford have to answer that question? Schorsch sits on the Suncoast Tiger Bay Club board and has expressed a strong dislike to Ford on his blog.

All I know at this time is that I am for ABK — Anybody But Kathleen.

Former police chief Goliath Davis made a boneheaded move when he didn't attend the funeral of St. Petersburg Police Sgt. Thomas Batiniger and Officer Jeffrey A. Yaslowitz. Mayor Bill Foster fired Davis. Now Davis has declared he would support Foster's opponent. has made an attempt to connect Davis to Ford. It's a rather big stretch.

If Ford said she would have, then to Davis there should be little difference between her and Foster.

If Ford said she would not have, she risks losing the angry white vote which comprises much of her base.

Damned if she does, damned if she doesn't.

Schorsch is an aggressive political operative. Schorsch is trying to get the media to ask Ford the question because she would lose which ever way she answers the question. If she says that she would have fired Davis then she risks alienating the black community. If Ford answers that she would have kept Davis on then she could lose white voters. The same question could be asked of Rick Kriseman. Schorsch hasn't asked that media to ask Kriseman that question. That might be because Schorsch has a "Rick Kriseman for Mayor of St. Petersburg" sign in his front yard.

Schorsch is free to support the candidate of his choosing. What Schorsch fails to realize is that if Ford is asked about Davis then Kriseman and Foster will be asked the same question. Foster doesn't want to go over the firing of Davis with the media again. Kriseman doesn't want to alienate black voters.

Foster made the right decision to fire Davis. I have other issues with Foster's leadership but I don't think he should have to relive a terrible time in St. Petersburg history. Kriseman and Ford weren't mayor when Davis was fired. What if questions are tedious in politics.

What does concern me his Goliath Davis becoming a racially divisive issue in the election. It does not bring the community together and does a disservice to the candidates. Goliath Davis is not worth a single news cycle. I would much rather hear the candidates debate how they can help the black community.

My advice to the media is keep Goliath Davis out of the mayoral race.

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