Tuesday, May 14, 2013

RPOF Prevent Pelosi Project Mailer

The Republican Party of Florida thought it was a good idea to send out this fundraising mailer. Apparently, RPOF chairman Lenny Curry was inspired by Mark Sanford's victory. I would say that Sanford won in a conservative district against a boring Blue Dog Democrat whose famous brother couldn't save her campaign.

Curry sent out this "Prevent Pelosi Project" mailer out to potential donors.
“For millions of Americans, the notion of personal responsibility will be replaced by massive new government entitlement programs that promise benefits cradle-to-grave,” the letter reads. “Radical Islamists will continue to attack us with impunity, because under the leadership of Obama and Pelosi our enemies will no longer fear us, and our allies will no longer trust us. Obama and Pelosi will continue their assault on your Second Amendment rights to own a gun, while their Department of Homeland Security continues to stockpile ammunition. And although I personally find it sickening, given his recent remarks to abortion providers and his legislative record, I wouldn’t be surprised if President Obama pushes to end the ban on late-term abortions.”

I love how Republicans continue to claim that they fight terrorism better than Democrats. The Department of Homeland Security is not stockpiling weapons. The is a flat out lie and fear-mongering. Inspiring citizens to take up arms against the government is rhetoric. Sanford and these other Republicans fail to realize that they will be in office when well-armed vigilantes wage war against the government. As far as Obama ending the ban for minors, he has been fighting the courts against allowing Plan B to be sold over-the-counter to tennage girls. Obama has never even threatened to veto the Hyde amendment.

The most hysterical part of the mailer for a progressive.

In fact, I fear the Obama campaign team has only just begun to wreck their havoc in Florida.

Yes, Democratics have really been kicking ass in Congressional and state legislature races in the past two election terms. The Obama campaign team cares about Florida when President Obama is on the ballot. Obama didn't exactly lift other boats in his wake.

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