Friday, May 10, 2013

Darden Rice Receives Police Benevolent Association Endorsement

Via Saint Petersblog: the Police Benevolent Association has endorsed Darden Rice for St. Petersburg City Council district 4 seat.

“This is an important endorsement,” acknowledged Rice. “Ensuring the public’s safety and working collaboratively with our city’s police force is one of the council’s top responsibilities and we have to get it right.”

Rice's Republican opponent Dr. David McKalip is politically radioactive. McKalip's infamous Obama witch doctor email made national news. Sometime Pushing Rope contributor Alex Pickett wrote this about McKalip.

Good post. For those of us who attend St. Pete City Council meetings, this wingnut McKalip is the bane of our existence. Almost as annoying as that environmental wacko guy. His name escapes me (thank god).

McKalip isn't a people person. Rice has been networking in the community for years. That is why she has the Police Benevolent Association endorsement.

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