Friday, December 21, 2012

War On Christmas Jumps the Shark

Fox &Friends brought Santa Claus on to talk about the War on Christmas. What makes more sense than a bogus news network interviewing a fictional character about a imaginary war. Saint Nick sound unsurprisingly like a Fox News pundit.

Lizard replied that he has indeed. "You know, I never had a problem being Santa Claus, but there was a time a few years back when suddenly I started showing up at Christmas parties and was told that they were having holiday parties," he said. "So therefore, they didn’t need a santa anymore. And it was about that time, that was the time when I think the Surgeon General said Santa should lay off the cookies and start picking up more carrots and broccoli. I heard Santa in Australia said ‘ha, ha, ha,’ so as not to offend certain gals and Santas in England couldn’t have children on their laps anymore."

Leave it to Fox News to make Santa sound like a creepy old pervert. This is the most bizarre thing Fox News did since Ron Paul debated a Barack Obama impersonator.

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