Thursday, December 06, 2012

Tea Party B.S. On Not Shouting Down Elected Leaders

I wrote about tea party members shouting on the floor of the Florida Senate about the Affordable Care Act being unconstitutional. The tea party claims about the Affordable Care Act are bogus. The Supreme Court ruled that ACA is constitutional.

Florida tea party groups realize that their behavior did not garner them positive publicity. Tea party groups sent an apology letter to Committee Chairman Joe Negron.

"Tea Party leaders in Florida as represented by The Florida Alliance have long rejected organized and planned tactics by groups like Code Pink, and Occupy Wall Street to shout people down in meetings," the Alliance wrote in the letter, which has today's date on it. "Our compatriots were responding from an over-abundance of passion for freedom. They were spontaneously trying to participate in a process that has been frustrating and opaque for years and their response was not pre-meditated and not intended to interfere in your process. However, speaking over a sitting Senator who is using his allotted time to represent his constituents is unacceptable."

Tea party groups don't believe in shouting down elected leaders!?! Let's go to the video. Remember this townhall meeting with Kathy Castor that nearly turned into a riot. You can barely hear Castor above the shouting.

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