Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Food Not Bombs at Tampa RNC

WUSF reports that Food Not Bombs will be feeding protesters during the Republican National Convention. Food Not Bombs will be at Voice of Freedom Park during the convention.

Food Not Bombs founder John McHenry told WUSF that the Tampa RNC was chosen for their world gathering because of Florida's strict anti-homeless laws. Food Not Bombs have had several run-ins with law enforcement for feeding the homeless in public parks. Apparently, the parks are public until someone tries to feed homeless people.

Voice of Freedom Park is owned by Joe Redner, the owner of Mons Venus and liberal activist. Redner is currently letting Occupy Tampa use the park. The Tampa Police Department is forcing Redner to evict Occupy Tampa by September 15th.

"I am not making them leave," Redner says. "The city was kicking protesters out of public parks downtown. They were being harassed and getting put in jail. I thought I was doing the city a favor by letting them stay at my park, but I know they can't stay forever."

Redner also said that the Occupiers have caused no problems for the surrounding communities. The area near Voice of Freedom Park is poor. Occupy Tampa is hardly dropping the property values.

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