Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Rick Scott Storyteller

Who knew Gov. Rick Scott was a master children's storyteller.
Then the governor decided he would explain to the children the importance of reducing fraud in Florida's no-fault car insurance program.

"There's money that's wasted in auto accident mistakes. Fraud," Scott told the kids. "So we passed a bill — personal injury protection — that hopefully will reduce the growth rate and the cost of auto accident fraud."
Dr. Seuss eat your heart out.

Steve Bousquet's column details how Team Scott micro-managed the photo-op. There hasn't been this level of bad stagecraft since President George W. Bush was in office. The problem that Team Scott will never understand is the media will see the insincerity.

A man truly interested in children wouldn't be droning on about PIP reform. Scott came to Cunningham Creek Elementary in an attempt to draw attention from his prior K-12 and college education cuts. To see a politician actually engaging children watch President Barack Obama read "Where The Wild Things Are."

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