Tuesday, February 07, 2012

Less Than Straight Talk From Jay Carney

The Washington Blade rightly asks how how can President Barack Obama be against both Proposition 8, and still be against gay marriage. Before Prop 8 was overturned by the United States Court of Appeals for the Ninth Circuit, Prop 8 banned gays and lesbians from marrying. Obama should be a supporter of Prop 8. Yet, President Obama campaigned against Prop 8. The correspondent for the Blade questioned Carney on this inconsistency.

Washington Blade: I just want to follow up on the Prop 8 ruling. Back in 2008, candidate Obama came out against Proposition 8 when it was on the ballot, calling it “unnecessary.” I’m just wondering if the president shares the belief that the measure is also unconstitutional.

Carney: Well, again, I’m not going to comment on litigation particularly as here where we are not party to it, but the president’s positions on these issues writ large are well known, and he’s long opposed divisive and discriminatory efforts to deny rights and benefits to same-sex couples. But I don’t have anything more for you on that.

Blade: I want to follow up really quickly on that, though. You said the president opposes “divisive and discriminatory” efforts against same-sex couples, but the effort here — the issue in question is marriage, so isn’t it inconsistent for the president to not support same-sex marriage and also to be against such measures?

Carney: Well, I don’t have any update for you on that particular issue in regards to the president’s views. I can tell you that divisive and discriminatory efforts to deny rights and benefits is something this president has long opposed. And I think that’s an important point to make. These are proactive and deliberate efforts to deny benefits and to be discriminatory.

Obama is a constitutional scholar. Granted, Obama is lousy in his interpretations of the Constitution. Obama supports warrantless wiretapping and drone strikes against U.S. citizens. So much for due process. The question is simple. Does Obama believe Prop 8 is unconstitutional. A yes or no answer would suffice. Obama does not even have the moral courage to provide a one word answer. Sad.

Side note: Carney is a worse press secretary than Robert Gibbs. I didn't think that was possible. Why Obama thought having a press secretary with no charisma and an inability to bullshit would be an asset is beyond me.

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